Why we should make a Yangon Tour?

The best restaurant of Yangon

One of Myanmar’s most exciting destinations is Yangon. Traveling to Yangon, every step you take is a step to experience new things. So, let’s make a Myanmar Tour to Yangon now and enjoy yourself !

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Why we should make a Yangon Tour?

Why we should make a Yangon Tour

A lot of visitors are planning to visit Yangon for a while. They sacrificed their place to be able to visit the more famous and central destinations in Myanmar . This is really a pity that Yangon is one of the prominent landmarks in Southeast Asia. In addition to owning the largest religious building in the area, international isolation in the last five decades has brought a fascination from the colonial era that can no longer be found anywhere.

Although sadness is the main setting here, what you will remember after traveling through Yangon will be colorful streets, bustling outback areas. And what you will miss most is the first experience with a completely new culinary background.

Famous tourist destination of Yangon

Famous tourist destination of Yangon

1/ Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedegon Temple is the most famous tourist destination that any visitor must visit. Situated on the top of a hill, this is considered National Guard and the pride of Myanamar .

Dagon, Yangon; Ticket price: $ 5 / foreign tourists

2/ Thaketa Crocodile Farm

Thaketa Crocodile Farm is home to more than 200 species of crocodiles. You may feel scared when crossing the bridge under the hundreds of crocodiles are opening mouth.

Thaketa Industrial Park, Thaketa Town, Yangon Ticket Price: $ 1 / person

2/ Drug Abuse Museum

Built around the late 1990s, the museum is a warning to the public about the dangers of dangerous drugs.

Corner of Kyunthaw and Hanthawaddy Streets, Kamayut Town, Yangon; Ticket price: $ 3 / person

The best restaurant of Yangon

The best restaurant of Yangon

  • Aung Thukha
  • Nilar Biryani & Cold Drink
  • Myanmar Food Fever
  • Hot Pot SK
  • 999 Shan Noodle Shop

Best time to travel Yangon

Weather Yangon also has hot summer from March to May and winter from November to January is quite pleasant. The temperature ranges from 29 – 26 degrees C to 18 – 25 degrees Celsius. Winter is the best time to visit Yangon because the weather is pleasant during the day and the weather is a bit cold in the evening.

Just like anywhere in Myanmar, you can catch the rain every day during the rainy season from June to November. Although the rains will be very short and will not affect your trip.

The dangers to Yangon

Yagon is an extremely safe city: the possibilities of pickpocketing are much lower than in other cities in Southeast Asia. However, the street lighting system in the dark here is not good, so you should be careful at these times. The more dangerous things are to drive the motorcyclists carelessly, hit the uneven sidewalks or completely disappear in the rubbish. Beware of these dangers and carry a battery in the evening.

  • Busy Traffic: Yangon is one of the places where traffic is extremely difficult to understand.
  • Burmese people will attract attention by giving a chuckle as a kiss.
  • The whole stores of Yagon will be closed at 9pm
  • This is a betel nut country so many people (especially older people) have red teeth.
  • On the streets of Yangon, you will be able to easily find boutiques selling exotic sex toys such as condoms with lots of flavors, cocktails increase in size, etc.

A Myanmar Tour to Yangon will certainly not make you disapointed.

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