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History of Thanlyin Town

Booking a Myanmar Tour and traveling to Thanlyin TownThe beautiful and peaceful town of Myanmar Country. One of the easiest ways we can get away from the glitzy and noisy Yangon is to go to the small rural town called Thanlyin, across the river.

The main destination for the Thanlyin tour is some interesting religious sites. But the main purpose is still the rural lifestyle of the village of Myanmar.

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History of Thanlyin Town

History of Thanlyin Town

During the late 16th and early 17th centuries , Thanlyin was the base of the notorious Portuguese explorer Filipe de Brito e Nicote. As a trade representative for the Rakhaing people (Arakan), he had his own kingdom at Thanlyin. In 1599, his own troops invaded Bago. But in 1613 the Bamar encircled Thanlyin. De Brito has received a fine for those who destroyed the Buddhist temple: the death penalty.

Thanlyin continued to serve as the main port and commercial center until it was destroyed by the Bamar king Alaungpaya in 1756. Today, Thanlyin is a small industrial town and home to a community. Great Hindu.

Highlights in Thanlyin Town

Highlights in Thanlyin Town

Thanlyin is a very pleasant place with shady trees and bustling markets. But there are still ancient parts of the city that visitors can visit.

Taking a short bus ride out of town you will be going to Kyaik-khauk Paya ($ 1 ticket), which is comparable to the low-level Shwedagon Pagoda . Here you will have great views thanks to the hilltop location of the temple. It is said that the Buddha himself brought two of his hair here to store. The first stupa built by the Monks between 600 and 800 years ago. Buses around Kyauktan can take you here. If you go down at Thanlyin Market, you can ride a motorbike taxi, costing around 1000K.

Thanlyin was also the first place in Myanmar to receive the Christian missionaries and also the first church. You can visit the church built by the Portuguese in 1750.

Yele Paya (Ticket $ 2) about 12 km south of Thanlyin is a glittering pagoda. Here you can feed the catfish around the edges of the temple. To get to the temple, you will take the ferry (5000K both go).

In the third week of January, the Hindu at Thanlyin will commemorate (or endure, depending on your view) the Thaipusam ceremony , the penitential ritual. Participants will repent of their wrongdoings by stabbing hooks, nails and crossing hot coal.

Staying and eating at Thanlyin Town

Foreigners do not need a residency permit at Thanlyin.

About eating, you can go to Pwint (a set of 2000K to 6000K, serving lunch and dinner). This place claims to be a high-class restaurant in Myanmar, about 1.5km Thanlyin Market.

Shwe Pu Zun is also a great place. Here you will enjoy the wonderful cream cake.

How to move to Thanlyin Town

Like many Myanmar destinations, visitors can take a bus to visit destinations in the town or travelers can embark for a motorbike taxi ride. Also, when walking around the local market of Thanlyin, visitors should walk to visit the tree-lined streets full of poetic.

Because of its tranquil tranquility, the rustic, poetic scenery, Thanlyin town has become an indispensable destination for Myanmar tour .

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