Shwedagon Paya Golden Temple


Shwedagon Paya is Myanmar’s leading and extremely sacred temple. Travel Myanmar, visitors will visit Shwedagon Pagoda pagodas to explore the wonders and mysteries of this sacred place.

1/ Basic Information about Shwedagon Paya


Address: Singuttara Hill, Dagon

Opening Hours: 4am – 22pm

Admission: $ 8 / K8000

2/ The long history of Shwedagon Paya


According to legend, Shwedagon Pagoda has over 2,500 histories. Archaeologists, however, estimate that the work began in the sixth century. The temple appears in historical documents dating back to 1485, when the golden stupa of the Buddha was erected. Royal members often donate gold equal to or more than their weight to make gold leaf in the tower.

Shwedagon has been restored many times due to damage from natural disasters and war. Experiencing several earthquakes like 1769, early 20th century and a major fire in 1931, Shwedagon Pagoda still stands on the top of the hill. The temple is considered a symbol of national unity, national identity. This is the place where political activities take place during the independence of Myanmar.

3/ Shwedagon Paya – A longstanding architectural masterpiece

Do you think that there is a place in Southeast Asia not only beautiful scenery but also extremely religious land? In fact, there is a sacred site in Yangon that is gilded with many pilgrims coming here. But that’s not all when it comes to Shwedagon Paya. The pilgrimage section is crowded and can make you feel overwhelmed with the ceremony. But if you want to find a reason to stay in Myanmar or explore Yangon , Shwedagon Paya is an irresistible “excuse.”

Standing from any point of Yangon, you can also see Shwedagon Paya. This is one of the holiest places in Buddhism. According to statistics, the temple is decorated with 27 tons of gold leaf and thousands of diamonds, along with many kinds of precious stones. It is believed that this place preserves the eight hairs of Buddha Gautama and the relics of the three previous Buddhas.

There are 4 long stairs gracefully bringing visitors to the terrace. Depending on the time of your visit, you can enjoy the quiet or the bustle of the day. If you like calm, come to the cool dawn. Otherwise, please keep your respectful attitude when you come to the glittering yellow tower like a flame of purple and orange when the sun is setting.

In 1930, a powerful earthquake completely destroyed Shwemawdaw in Bago, causing damage to the Shwedagon. Next is a serious fire. Subsequently, a minor earthquake that occurred in 1970 continued to cause damage to the structure. In 2008, the towers had to be repaired.

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4/  Shwedagon Paya Temple Site

Shwedagon Paya Temple Site

The tower was built on a 167ft elevated hill over an area of ​​46 hectares. As is customary for temples in Myanmar, the main terrace is accessible by four walkways. If you do not want to climb stairs, you can take the elevator from the gate to the south, east and north. Meanwhile, the western entrance has an escalator.

All zaungdan, except the West, have flower stands (real flowers and paper flowers), Buddha images, ceremonial umbrellas, books, antiques, incense and much more. There are also fortune tellers and currency exchange booths.

There are a couple of mythical summoned beasts (half a lion, half a dragon) 30 feet high, standing guard the walk up Singuttara hill to Paya’s main platform. Visitors to Shwedagon Paya are impressed with this great project.

5/ Tips for you

Time to visit: Should arrive in the early morning or late afternoon at sunset from Monday to Friday.

Before entering the temple remember to remove the shoes. Walk clockwise around the tower.

Scenic spots: the north gate and the northwest corner will give visitors the beautiful angles.


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