Variety is the spice of life: ethnic cuisine in Yangon

November 02, 2017

Something special about Myanmar is its diversity. There’s the great geographical diversity ranging from the snow-capped mountains in northern Kachin State to the wetlands of the Irrawaddy Delta and demographic diversity ranging from the semi-nomadic sea-dwelling Moken tribe in the southern islands to the fifty-plus subgroups of the Chin minority in the hills to the west.

With this diversity comes a wonderful diversity of cuisines. Each plate is a reflection of the climate, agriculture, socio-economy and the very people who hold these traditional dishes as part of their culture identity. Often the food plays a major part of any ceremony or event in a community.

The good news is that you don’t need to leave Yangon to find these delicious dishes. Here, we have outlined where to get the best ethnic food and what to order for the ultimate ethnic culinary experience.

Ha Tai Wa

Wa Zone: Ha Tai Wa

This is an unpretentious Wa restaurant in a quiet, residential area where you can sit in typical country style on the floor of their outdoor bamboo houses around a low circular table. There are also indoor, air-conditioned seating options. The food is phenomenal. Traditional Wa ‘porridge’ tastes much better than it sounds and the option which includes beef is a peppery, fiery party in the mouth. The river prawns are simple, succulent and very fresh. The rice set is a fun and traditional and very hands on.

Order: Wa porridge with pounded beef, dried beef, beef beef beef, river prawns

Address: No.4/1 Thirimingalar Street, 8-mile, Mayangone Township(The avenue between the main street and the restaurant is dark so bring a light and watch out for scorpions!)

Jana Mon

Mon State: Jana Mon

Mon State, taking up much of the border between Myanmar and Thailand takes a lot of influence in its language and cuisine from its neighbor but make no mistake, Mon food deserves its own place in ethnic cuisines of Myanmar. Despite how little known Mon food is, the food here will blow you away and you might even schedule another trip here soon. This cosy restaurant is located in walking distance from Shwedagon Pagoda and would make for a great dinner stop after sunset there. Beer is not on the menu but the proprietors are happy for you to buy some from the little shop across the street and have it with your food.

Order: banana stalk salad, stuffed squid, mangosteen pork curry

Address: 114 Nandawon Street (off Yar Tar Shay Street), Bahan

Shan State: Shan Kitchen

With a lot of competition in Yangon due to the popularity of Shan food, this restaurant is among the best. Opened by a Shan repat to Yangon, the air-conditioned and clean interiors are a welcome respite – especially if you have just come from Bogyoke (or Scott) Market over the railway bridge.

Order: Maymyo coffee, Inle hin htote, tofu nway, shan noodles

Address: 26/4 Nawaday Street, Dagon Township

Shan Kitchen

Kachin State: Jingpaw Myay

Kachin food is a delightful, spicy cuisine and uses lots of fresh coriander. Again, beef is what they do best and at Jingpaw Myay, Kachin style pounded rice (with chicken, pork or beef) is warming and flavourful and you can easily imagine it being eaten on the cold Kachin mountains. The pounded dried beef looks simple but is a lip-smacking shock of flavour and so full of herbs and spices that it feels almost medicinal. Blocked noses will be cleared! The restaurant is small and brightly lit but buzzing with locals and foreigners any evening of the week.

Order: Kachin rice wine, dried pounded beef, Kachin chicken

Address: 2B Kyun Taw Street, Sanchaung Township, Yangon

Rakhine State: Ko Ta Ngar

Rakhine food is known for being spicy and fresh and usually features seafood. Yakhine (Burmese for Rakhine) mont dti is a simple noodle salad with fiery green chilies and there are stalls on almost every busy street though rarely with an English signboard. Ko Ta Ngaris a very casual restaurant with a focus on Rakhine food and it’s often bustling with locals downing cold beers to cool their fiery tongues. Seafood is fresh and good value.

Order: squid salad, Rakhine montdthi, draught beer

Address: Bogalay Zay Street (near the corner of Mahabandula Road),

Dry Zone: Anya Ahta

This is the only Burmese place on this list. Anya Ahta refers to a huge part of upper central Myanmar known as the dry zone. Special because the owner is a well-known artist, art dealer and collector, Aung Soe Min, and the walls are covered in the works of local painters, yet it maintains all the best parts of a ‘beer station’ experience and ambience. Much like the Spanish and their tapas, Myanmar people like to snack on simple but strongly flavoured dishes while having a beer and a chat. A lot of the food at Anya Ahtar is meant as an accompaniment to a cold draught beer and at Anya Ahta, they really do go very well together. This place is bustling any night of the week with young locals and backpackers from nearby hostels.

Order: draught beer, dried beef, sausage, tea leaf salad

Address: 37th Street between Anawratha (pronounced Anoyata) and Mahabandoola Street

Marie Starr, November 2017

Marie Starr is copy editor, writer and photographer at Myanmar’s leading travel magazine, My Magical Myanmar. She also freelances for several other Yangon publications focusing on the topics of food, travel and art as well as teaching part time at Thabyay Education Foundation. She can be contacted at



The 4 reasons for choosing Myanmar Tour as the next destination.

If you haven’t any plan for this summer vacation, let’s think about Myanmar Tour. Here is 4 reasons for choosing Myanmar Tour as the next destination.

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  1. Explore the country of Buddhism

Visiting Myanmar, visiting temples is a great way to explore the culture of this Buddhist country. If Cambodia is called the “Temple Country” or Thailand is the “Golden Pagoda Country”, Myanmar is in favor of visitors named the “Country of the Pagoda”. You can see where you are in Myanmar, you can also see the pagoda, from large and famous temples such as Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Maha Muni in Mandalay, Swezigon in Bagan … or many other small temples.

Kyaiktiyo Temple (Golden Rock Pagoda) is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Myanmar. Photo: Kuriositas

You can ride your bicycle from one temple to the other in your own journey. Visiting temples, visitors will meet the Buddhist meditation or chanting for hours. If you want to find out more about the worship rituals here, you should prepare some snacks and drinks as it usually lasts a long time and there are no bars around the temple.

  1. The Myanmar people are very gentle, friendly


It can be said Myanmar people are very gentle, honest and friendly. If you have to forget something valuable on the bus, attractions, eateries … then the ability you find is very high. Not only that, if you want to ask for directions or learn about a resort from any Myanmar people on the street you meet, then what you get is a gentle smile and hearted instructions. .

Burmese people are also very important in the faith (say, work is punctuality). They always respect the most educated people, academics, the highest class of monks. Another interesting thing is wedding invitations usually specify the academic title, academic degrees as well as the achievements of the bride and groom …

  1. Discover the Myanmar tradition

Traditional Myanmar dresses are called longyi (for men) and tamain (for women). These dresses have many patterns and colors. They are sold in many marketplaces with different prices so you can buy one to try if you like. The way to wear is also quite simple, when just wrap the fabric around the hip tight enough. However, the way to tie between men and women is different, so you can ask the store staff to tie it to you.

Bringing traditional Myanmar costumes with longyi (men’s) and tamain (for women) dresses is an exciting experience for visitors. Photo: Onourownpath.

Come here, do not forget to learn how to beautify Myanmar women from the tree Thanaka. This is a traditional make-up powder with a sweet scent, which has the effect of cooling and protecting the skin under the sun made from the powder of the stem of Thanaka. How to use this powder is very simple, just mix a little bit of charcoal and water to slightly match and apply to the skin. The children here often draw lovely animals on their cheeks or arms.

  1. To have a fortune told

One interesting thing in the traditional culture of Myanmar people is that they love to see fortune telling. Most viewed in the shops along the famous temples such as Sule Pagoda, Kaba Aye Pagoda … They often look at the name, career, marriage age, wedding day, funeral … There are various forms of fortune-telling such as hand-to-face viewing, face-to-face viewing, and date of birth.

That is why when you come to Myanmar, besides enjoying the famous temples such as Chauk Htat Gyi Temple, Shwedagon Pagoda, Kyaiktiyo Temple, Kaba Aye Pagoda or Sule Pagoda … the fortune telling is a very interesting thing. Every visitor wants to experience. After visiting, worshiping in the temple, you can visit any stall around the pagoda or along the way to the pagoda to see for yourself a fortune teller to know more about career, love, career. Or destiny in the future …

Enjoy Your Myanmar Tour And Participate In Some Special Festivals

Today, we will introduce to you some of special festivals in Myamar. Enjoy your Myanmar tour and participate in these festivals will make you know more about the beautiful in this country. Such as the vast Myanmar country, the friendly Myanamer people, the hospitality. All of them is the reason why Myanmar has become a country that so many visitors want to visit.

Myanmar Traditional Music Festival

Myanmar Traditional Music Festival

Attending this festival, visitors will learn about the unique traditional music of Myanmar. Traditional orchestras include: a set of drums (usually from 9 to 21 small drums), a set of gongs, bamboo bells, steam musical instruments, including hne – for very high sound – and flutes and cymbals. Beside music, there are traditional dances with bhuman Buddhist identity showing the complexity of the dances, but they are also solemn when the dancers do not touch each other.

Thingyan Festival (New Year’s Day)

Thingyan Festival (New Year's Day)

Also known as the water splash festival, which usually takes place on New Year’s Day in Myanmar. This festival is held in every part of Myanmar by splashing water on others. It is meant to wash away the dirt that has accumulated over the past year and to welcome the New Year with the purity of the body and mind. In the past, people often prepare fragrant water (made from flowers and leaves) to throw on each other. Today, people no longer use perfume, which is usually cold water faucets.

Phaung Daw U boat race

Phaung Daw U boat race

This is the most important and popular festival in Myanmar usually took place in early October in the sense of paying homage to the Buddha. The most recognizable aspect of this festival is the colorful boats, marching from village to village in Inle Lake. In the middle of the convoy is a yellow bird-shaped barge, symbolizing the myths of Myanmar, above the barge are five small Buddha statues of Paung Daw U.

In addition, there are many other festivals in Myanmar such as the full moon festival in April, Shwedagon Pagoda Festival, Ananda Temple Festival, Kachin New Year Festival … or other traditional festivals.

Some notes for you when visiting Myanmar

Some notes for you when visiting Myanmar

When you go to a temple or go to a people’s home, you have to go barefoot. Therefore, you need to use the type of sandals, shoes and airy lightweight to use for moving or carrying.

Myanmar has two distinct rainy and sunny seasons, so things such as hat, umbrella, sunscreen, raincoat are very necessary, especially when coming to Golden Rock.

You should bring plenty of pants and not wear short skirts.

Myanmar people often eat spicy, so if you are not a person who likes to eat spicy food should be served when ordering food. It is advisable not to spicy and add vegetables when eating.

When shopping in Myanmar, besides kyat,  it is best to make your money ready for easy shopping.

If you go on tour, you can choose Vimyan tour, this is the only company in Myanmar with Vietnamese guides. This is a good thing for you when not many Myanmar people speak good English.

The beautiful beaches for your Myanmar Tour

Myanmar  –  Myanmar tour not only attract Myanmar tourists by the ancient temple temples, unique architecture, but Myanmar is also a great address for those who love the blue beaches and watch the sunset.

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Ngapali Beach – The best beach in Asia

Ngapali Beach – The best beach in Asia

Ngapali Beach is one of Myanmar’s most famous landmarks and is also the most beautiful beach in Myanmar. Ngapali is a beautiful sand beach stretching across the Bay of Bengal. It is located about 7 km from Thandwe, in the state of Rakhine.

It is famous for its natural beauty and pristine beauty. The beach stretches for about 3 km with soft white sand under coconut trees. This place has beautiful natural scenery of blue sea, white sand and quiet sun. Sea water is platinum blue, clean and free from any dangerous marine animals.

The water here is green and the sea is quiet. This place is rich in marine fish resources including shrimp, lobsters, coral, marine mammals, shellfish, red snapper, grouper, barramundi, hilsa, mackerel, mackerel Home: about the fish.

Some interesting activities in Ngapali Beach

Some interesting activities in Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach is one of the most intriguing places in Myanmar, it is also one of the most pristine beaches in the world, with pure white sandy miles of crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. . In addition to the usual beach activities, excursions such as visiting small fishing villages and local markets, exploring the countryside by bike and boat ride to beautiful islands can be experienced in Ngapali.

Ngapali Beach is the best place in Myanmar not only for recreation and tourism but also for studying the life of local culture. There are no industries and wastes, no waste issues along the gorgeous beach. There are also 18-hole golfers just 15 minutes drive from the hotel to carry the taste of the beach golfer.

The best time to visit this place is during the period from October to May. Ngapali can be reached by plane approximately 45 minutes from Yangon , by car about 14 hours along the Rakhine Yoma Mountains.

Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung Beach is about 48 km from Pathein in the Ayeyarwaddy area, about 190 km from Yangon on the west coast of the country, opposite the Bay of Bengal.

The white sandy beaches stretch 15 km along the blue sea, stunning scenery with long palm trees and long white sand beaches, crystal clear sea water, nearby islands and palm trees. Ngwe Saung becomes an irresistible attraction for sea lovers.

Something you need to know about Ngwe Saung Beach

Blue jade water, clean without any dangerous animals with gentle waves and is the best place for swimming, surfing and swimming and to enjoy the sun. This place is interesting because it is the home of a special collection of oil wells, your travel preferences will not find anywhere else in the world.

One can go around small fishing villages and local markets, explore the countryside by bike or enjoy a boat trip to the fabulous islands. The tradition of riding a bullock cart, horseback riding, biking or simply walking along the coast will give you enjoyable memories along the way. Fresh coconut, fruit juice will make you completely relaxed here.

Ngwe Saung Beach – The best destinations for your Myanmar Tour

If you are going to have a Myanmar Tour this summer vacation – Ngwe Saung Beach will be the best idea for you. Whether you are extremely wealthy or you are traveling with a long history, you should visit Ngwe Saung Beach once in your life. This place is full of things that are most suitable for your wallet.

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Information of Ngwe Saung Beach


In the south of Ngapali and near the capital Yangon is the coast of Ngwe Saung, also known as the “sea of ​​silver”.

The flight from Yangon arrived only 35 minutes. This is not only an ideal place for swimming, but also diving, surfing and visiting the islands.

Please excuse us for thinking that Ngwe Saung Beach has begun to show signs of polarization. These days, the north end of the beach has no sign of a weekend tourist destination of the wealthy Yangon . There are also countless chain of resorts that are still being upgraded.

And in the south is a very desolate atmosphere – unlike Kep in Cambodia. This is where you will find international travelers with budget heaps, cheap motel rooms. The only element that connects these two extremes is the 13-mile long beach with golden sands and palm trees. Although not considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, the beach is smoother, clearer and deeper than nearby Chaung Tha Beach.

Best destinations of Ngwe Saung

In general, when traveling Ngwe Saung is a place where people feel pampered themselves. This is the type of resort that visitors completely rest and absolutely do not do anything. And visitors like it. However, if it’s just a place and take the foot in the sand is really boring. While there are also some calories that you can participate in.

A boat trip to Bird Island (which can be seen right at the seafront) can be fun to sip. And I trust that this is one of the great places to watch birds. The hotel can arrange to book your boat for around $ 65 to $ 85, depending on the number of crew and the type of boat you need.

If you do not have the funds to rent a boat to the island, when the tide draws, you can walk to Lover’s Island , which is a beautiful fine sand strip south of the beach. Around the island is also very suitable for diving between the populations of tropical fish is dancing dance. Masks and snorkels can be rented at some hotels.

Place to stay

In the south of the beach there are countless resorts at pretty high prices. For those with limited budgets, you can go further south to find cheaper accommodations. But keep in mind that electricity is a luxury at Ngwe Saung .

  • Shwe Hin Tha Hotel
  • Emerald Sea Resort
  • Silver Coast Beach
  • Sunny Paradise Resort
  • Yamonnar Oo Resort
  • Silver View Resort

Places to eat

Places to eat

You should go out of the hotel, go to the village and eat at least once. The food here is mostly seafood and Chinese style.

  • Ngwe Hline Si Restaurant: Burmese Restaurant, China
  • Golden Myanmar Restaurant: Burmese Restaurant , China
  • Kaung Kaung Lay: Burmese

Restaurant , China • Happy Restaurant: Tea Shop

This would certainly be an ideal tourist destination in Myanmar .

Shwemokhtaw Temple – Myanmar Tour Information

If you have stopped in the city of Pathein, next to the peaceful village, the colorful umbrellas Shwemokhtaw temple is a big attraction.

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Shwemokhtaw Temple – Pathein City

Shwemokhtaw Temple - Pathein City

Myanmar Tour to the city of Pathein. Pathein has about 300,000 people, mostly Karen and Rakhine, with Shwemokhtaw Paya pagoda, Legend of Asoka of India erected. Ancient land of Pathein was part of the Mon kingdom, however, many people are no longer living here Mon. Pathein known seek quality rice products and colorful history of the colonial period.

Overview of Shwemokhtaw Temple

Overview of Shwemokhtaw Temple

Located in the heart of Pathein, Shwemokhataw Temple stands proud and splendid with a gilded bell. This large population consists of many different layers and many stories. It is said that this temple was first built by King Ashoka Buddhists in 305 BC. Only 7.5 ft high, stupa stupa originally dedicated to the Buddha’s remains and a 6-inch gold bar.

Another legend says that the Muslim princess named Onmadandi asked her three Buddhist lovers to build a stupa for her. One of these lovers built Shwemokhataw , and the other two built Tazaung and Thayaungyaung – two less famous temples.

No matter what story you believe, the Alaungsithu king of Bagan is said to have built a 46 ft high stupa tower called Htupayon on that ground in 115 AD. Then, in 1263, King Samodagossa took power, built the 132ft tall tower and renamed it Shwemokhtaw, which means the Stupa of the Golden Footstep.

Discover the Hti tower

Discover the Hti tower

The hti tower (umbrella tower) consists of a pyramid made of 141b of pure gold, the middle layer of pure silver and the bottom layer of copper. All three layers are laminated and it is said that there are a total of 829 pieces of diamonds, 843 rubies and 1588 precious stones attached to the roof of the temple.

The south tower of the residential area is where the statue sat. Story tells that the statue has drifted from Sri Lanka to the delta since ancient times. According to legend, an anonymous Sinhalese sculptor created four different Buddha statues, using pieces of Bodhi mixed with cement.

He then placed four statues on four rafts and floated into the sea. One went to Dawei (Tavoy), the other went to Kyaikkami (Amherst), one came to Kyaiktiyo (Kyaikpawlaw); And the fourth shot moved near Phondawpyi, a village 60 miles south of Pathein . It was then moved to Pathein.

A marble Buddha statue was placed in a niche on the fence along the western side of the stupa. This is where the warriors of the Mon people prayed before the battlefield. In the northwest corner of the complex is a shrine dedicated to Shin Upagot – a floating monk who appears to help those in distress. There are turtles swimming in the lake around the shrine.

Also in the northwest corner of the complex is an exotic gilded Ganesh shrine dedicated to the worship of the Hindus, the god of wisdom and health.

In general, Shwemokhtaw Temple is one of the temples in Myanmar that tourists should visit during their trip!


Visit Thanlyin Town – Myanmar – Myanmar Tours

Booking a Myanmar Tour and traveling to Thanlyin TownThe beautiful and peaceful town of Myanmar Country. One of the easiest ways we can get away from the glitzy and noisy Yangon is to go to the small rural town called Thanlyin, across the river.

The main destination for the Thanlyin tour is some interesting religious sites. But the main purpose is still the rural lifestyle of the village of Myanmar.

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History of Thanlyin Town

History of Thanlyin Town

During the late 16th and early 17th centuries , Thanlyin was the base of the notorious Portuguese explorer Filipe de Brito e Nicote. As a trade representative for the Rakhaing people (Arakan), he had his own kingdom at Thanlyin. In 1599, his own troops invaded Bago. But in 1613 the Bamar encircled Thanlyin. De Brito has received a fine for those who destroyed the Buddhist temple: the death penalty.

Thanlyin continued to serve as the main port and commercial center until it was destroyed by the Bamar king Alaungpaya in 1756. Today, Thanlyin is a small industrial town and home to a community. Great Hindu.

Highlights in Thanlyin Town

Highlights in Thanlyin Town

Thanlyin is a very pleasant place with shady trees and bustling markets. But there are still ancient parts of the city that visitors can visit.

Taking a short bus ride out of town you will be going to Kyaik-khauk Paya ($ 1 ticket), which is comparable to the low-level Shwedagon Pagoda . Here you will have great views thanks to the hilltop location of the temple. It is said that the Buddha himself brought two of his hair here to store. The first stupa built by the Monks between 600 and 800 years ago. Buses around Kyauktan can take you here. If you go down at Thanlyin Market, you can ride a motorbike taxi, costing around 1000K.

Thanlyin was also the first place in Myanmar to receive the Christian missionaries and also the first church. You can visit the church built by the Portuguese in 1750.

Yele Paya (Ticket $ 2) about 12 km south of Thanlyin is a glittering pagoda. Here you can feed the catfish around the edges of the temple. To get to the temple, you will take the ferry (5000K both go).

In the third week of January, the Hindu at Thanlyin will commemorate (or endure, depending on your view) the Thaipusam ceremony , the penitential ritual. Participants will repent of their wrongdoings by stabbing hooks, nails and crossing hot coal.

Staying and eating at Thanlyin Town

Foreigners do not need a residency permit at Thanlyin.

About eating, you can go to Pwint (a set of 2000K to 6000K, serving lunch and dinner). This place claims to be a high-class restaurant in Myanmar, about 1.5km Thanlyin Market.

Shwe Pu Zun is also a great place. Here you will enjoy the wonderful cream cake.

How to move to Thanlyin Town

Like many Myanmar destinations, visitors can take a bus to visit destinations in the town or travelers can embark for a motorbike taxi ride. Also, when walking around the local market of Thanlyin, visitors should walk to visit the tree-lined streets full of poetic.

Because of its tranquil tranquility, the rustic, poetic scenery, Thanlyin town has become an indispensable destination for Myanmar tour .

Why we should make a Yangon Tour?

One of Myanmar’s most exciting destinations is Yangon. Traveling to Yangon, every step you take is a step to experience new things. So, let’s make a Myanmar Tour to Yangon now and enjoy yourself !

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Why we should make a Yangon Tour?

Why we should make a Yangon Tour

A lot of visitors are planning to visit Yangon for a while. They sacrificed their place to be able to visit the more famous and central destinations in Myanmar . This is really a pity that Yangon is one of the prominent landmarks in Southeast Asia. In addition to owning the largest religious building in the area, international isolation in the last five decades has brought a fascination from the colonial era that can no longer be found anywhere.

Although sadness is the main setting here, what you will remember after traveling through Yangon will be colorful streets, bustling outback areas. And what you will miss most is the first experience with a completely new culinary background.

Famous tourist destination of Yangon

Famous tourist destination of Yangon

1/ Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedegon Temple is the most famous tourist destination that any visitor must visit. Situated on the top of a hill, this is considered National Guard and the pride of Myanamar .

Dagon, Yangon; Ticket price: $ 5 / foreign tourists

2/ Thaketa Crocodile Farm

Thaketa Crocodile Farm is home to more than 200 species of crocodiles. You may feel scared when crossing the bridge under the hundreds of crocodiles are opening mouth.

Thaketa Industrial Park, Thaketa Town, Yangon Ticket Price: $ 1 / person

2/ Drug Abuse Museum

Built around the late 1990s, the museum is a warning to the public about the dangers of dangerous drugs.

Corner of Kyunthaw and Hanthawaddy Streets, Kamayut Town, Yangon; Ticket price: $ 3 / person

The best restaurant of Yangon

The best restaurant of Yangon

  • Aung Thukha
  • Nilar Biryani & Cold Drink
  • Myanmar Food Fever
  • Hot Pot SK
  • 999 Shan Noodle Shop

Best time to travel Yangon

Weather Yangon also has hot summer from March to May and winter from November to January is quite pleasant. The temperature ranges from 29 – 26 degrees C to 18 – 25 degrees Celsius. Winter is the best time to visit Yangon because the weather is pleasant during the day and the weather is a bit cold in the evening.

Just like anywhere in Myanmar, you can catch the rain every day during the rainy season from June to November. Although the rains will be very short and will not affect your trip.

The dangers to Yangon

Yagon is an extremely safe city: the possibilities of pickpocketing are much lower than in other cities in Southeast Asia. However, the street lighting system in the dark here is not good, so you should be careful at these times. The more dangerous things are to drive the motorcyclists carelessly, hit the uneven sidewalks or completely disappear in the rubbish. Beware of these dangers and carry a battery in the evening.

  • Busy Traffic: Yangon is one of the places where traffic is extremely difficult to understand.
  • Burmese people will attract attention by giving a chuckle as a kiss.
  • The whole stores of Yagon will be closed at 9pm
  • This is a betel nut country so many people (especially older people) have red teeth.
  • On the streets of Yangon, you will be able to easily find boutiques selling exotic sex toys such as condoms with lots of flavors, cocktails increase in size, etc.

A Myanmar Tour to Yangon will certainly not make you disapointed.

Myanmar Tour To Discover Mawlawyine And Hpa-An Town

1/ Myanmar Tour To Discover Mawlawyine

Myanmar Tour To Discover Mawlawyine

Do you feel the present life so busy, rushed and rushed? So let’s go to Mawlawyine Town – one of the best peaceful places of Myanmar.

When moving to Mawlawyine Town , you will see: a hill with a stupa tower, a wide ocean. And there are the mosques and colonial ruins the middle. Mawlamyine is a unique combination of beauty and sadness. oil. If you wonder what life would be like in Raj, Mawlawyine is really a place to stop.

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But this is not just history, the area around Mawlamyine has a myriad of attractions – from beaches to caves – that can bring visitors joy in a few days.

Where to travel in Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine (a map of what is now Mawlamyaing) was the capital of British colonial rule from 1827 to 1852, during which time it was an extremely busy tea port. The shipping business continues at this place, although Pathein and Yangon are still leading the most important ports. The city consists of 75% of the population, or a mixture of Mon, Kayin, Bamar, Indians, Chinese and other minorities.

Museum of Cultural Monuments

Museum of Cultural Monuments

This museum is opened and managed by the government, with two sections dedicated to the history of the Mon Men in the area. The museum is located on the corner of Father Baho.

Buddhist Monuments

The anonymous Mawlamyine town has given inspiration to two famous British writers – George Orwell and Rudyard Kiplings. Orwell lived here for a few years and produced “Shooting the Elephant.” Kipling’s visit was shorter, lasting only three days. But he wrote verses that made Burma an Eastern attraction. And the soul of the poem is still alive in the form of the golden poems of the stupa tower carved on the rocks behind the mountain.

Other religious works

Other religious works

  • Kaladan Mosque
  • Moghul Shiah Mosque
  • Surtee Sunni Jamae Masjid
  • Sandawshin Paya

Where to stay at Mawlamyine

  • Cinderella Hotel
  • Breeze Inn
  • Attran Hotel
  • Sandalwood Hotel
  • Ngwe Moe Hotel
  • Aurora Guest House

Where to eat at Mawlamyine

  • Beer Garden 2
  • Restaurant Mi Cho
  • Mya Than Lwin Restaurant
  • Help Grandfather and Mother
  • Restaurant Chan Thar
  • Peking Restaurant

Shopping at Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine has many bustling markets including the Zeigyi (Central Market), Greater Aid and the larger Myine Yadanar Market. Although local people distinguish them very well, visitors are not because they often mix up. And you will be engrossed in the mix of flavors, colors and flavors so you can take care of anything.

2/ Myanmar Tour To Discover Hpa-an

During your Myanmar Tour, you should try to visit the small town of Hpa-an. You will probably experience something interesting.

Although at Hpa-an , the number of tourist spots is still limited, the atmosphere here is extremely heavy. On the streets are filled with vibrant colors. The real attraction in this city is the surrounding countryside, including art exhibits held in caves, sacred mountains and clouded islands. Besides, the train traveling between Hpa-an and Mawlamyine is a very pleasant trip.

Special activities at Hpa-an

Special activities at Hpa-an

If you travel Hpa-an town alone, it isn’t a good idea. The lively Morning Market is an interesting place to explore. Shweyinhmyaw Temple near the water’s edge is a good place to see the ships crossing. Some left the Clock Tower as a sign at night when it lit up like a lollipop.

If you are going to Mawlamyine and you still have time, consider ferrying Hpaan. If not, you will lose the opportunity to go through the magnificent limestone mountains and green sugar cane fields. These ferries will usually not be crowded and you can comfortably watch the river. But remember to bring your food and drink.

Where to stay at Hpa-an

The options for staying places are quite limited at Hpa-an. You can visit the following locations :

  • Soe Brothers Guesthouse
  • Hotel Zwegabin
  • Parami Motel
  • Grandhill Hotel
  • Tiger Hotel
  • Golden Sky Guest House

Where to eat at Hpa-an

As well as sleeping places, eating places at Hpa-an are quite limited. You can consider the following locations :

  • San Ma Tau Myanmar Restaurant
  • White Tea Shop
  • New Day Cafe
  • Khit-Thit Restaurant
  • Lucky 1