Myanmar Tour To Discover Mawlawyine And Hpa-An Town

Myanmar Tour To Discover Mawlawyine

1/ Myanmar Tour To Discover Mawlawyine

Myanmar Tour To Discover Mawlawyine

Do you feel the present life so busy, rushed and rushed? So let’s go to Mawlawyine Town – one of the best peaceful places of Myanmar.

When moving to Mawlawyine Town , you will see: a hill with a stupa tower, a wide ocean. And there are the mosques and colonial ruins the middle. Mawlamyine is a unique combination of beauty and sadness. oil. If you wonder what life would be like in Raj, Mawlawyine is really a place to stop.

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But this is not just history, the area around Mawlamyine has a myriad of attractions – from beaches to caves – that can bring visitors joy in a few days.

Where to travel in Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine (a map of what is now Mawlamyaing) was the capital of British colonial rule from 1827 to 1852, during which time it was an extremely busy tea port. The shipping business continues at this place, although Pathein and Yangon are still leading the most important ports. The city consists of 75% of the population, or a mixture of Mon, Kayin, Bamar, Indians, Chinese and other minorities.

Museum of Cultural Monuments

Museum of Cultural Monuments

This museum is opened and managed by the government, with two sections dedicated to the history of the Mon Men in the area. The museum is located on the corner of Father Baho.

Buddhist Monuments

The anonymous Mawlamyine town has given inspiration to two famous British writers – George Orwell and Rudyard Kiplings. Orwell lived here for a few years and produced “Shooting the Elephant.” Kipling’s visit was shorter, lasting only three days. But he wrote verses that made Burma an Eastern attraction. And the soul of the poem is still alive in the form of the golden poems of the stupa tower carved on the rocks behind the mountain.

Other religious works

Other religious works

  • Kaladan Mosque
  • Moghul Shiah Mosque
  • Surtee Sunni Jamae Masjid
  • Sandawshin Paya

Where to stay at Mawlamyine

  • Cinderella Hotel
  • Breeze Inn
  • Attran Hotel
  • Sandalwood Hotel
  • Ngwe Moe Hotel
  • Aurora Guest House

Where to eat at Mawlamyine

  • Beer Garden 2
  • Restaurant Mi Cho
  • Mya Than Lwin Restaurant
  • Help Grandfather and Mother
  • Restaurant Chan Thar
  • Peking Restaurant

Shopping at Mawlamyine

Mawlamyine has many bustling markets including the Zeigyi (Central Market), Greater Aid and the larger Myine Yadanar Market. Although local people distinguish them very well, visitors are not because they often mix up. And you will be engrossed in the mix of flavors, colors and flavors so you can take care of anything.

2/ Myanmar Tour To Discover Hpa-an

During your Myanmar Tour, you should try to visit the small town of Hpa-an. You will probably experience something interesting.

Although at Hpa-an , the number of tourist spots is still limited, the atmosphere here is extremely heavy. On the streets are filled with vibrant colors. The real attraction in this city is the surrounding countryside, including art exhibits held in caves, sacred mountains and clouded islands. Besides, the train traveling between Hpa-an and Mawlamyine is a very pleasant trip.

Special activities at Hpa-an

Special activities at Hpa-an

If you travel Hpa-an town alone, it isn’t a good idea. The lively Morning Market is an interesting place to explore. Shweyinhmyaw Temple near the water’s edge is a good place to see the ships crossing. Some left the Clock Tower as a sign at night when it lit up like a lollipop.

If you are going to Mawlamyine and you still have time, consider ferrying Hpaan. If not, you will lose the opportunity to go through the magnificent limestone mountains and green sugar cane fields. These ferries will usually not be crowded and you can comfortably watch the river. But remember to bring your food and drink.

Where to stay at Hpa-an

The options for staying places are quite limited at Hpa-an. You can visit the following locations :

  • Soe Brothers Guesthouse
  • Hotel Zwegabin
  • Parami Motel
  • Grandhill Hotel
  • Tiger Hotel
  • Golden Sky Guest House

Where to eat at Hpa-an

As well as sleeping places, eating places at Hpa-an are quite limited. You can consider the following locations :

  • San Ma Tau Myanmar Restaurant
  • White Tea Shop
  • New Day Cafe
  • Khit-Thit Restaurant
  • Lucky 1

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