Must-see church in Vietnam for traveler

Cai Mon Church is located in Vinh Bac Hamlet, Vinh Thanh Commune, nearly the big Cai Mon Bridge, is one of the most ancient churches in the South of Vietnam, constructed in 1872. When you come here you will be amazed to see the nine-floor with bell tower with an elevation of 56.52m, among them are 6 bells were created in France.

The church is currently the house of 90% parishioners in Vinh Thanh Commune and some neighboring communes. in front of the church is the stone stele to memorize Truong Vinh Ky, who is one of 18 famous scholars in the nineteenth century.

Cai Be Church – Tien Giang

Cai Be Church in Cai Be Town of Tien Giang Province is in a very picturesque position, right at the confluence of River of Cai Be, facing straight ahead to a floating market. Book a Free walking tours hanoi

The church was constructed by French in the beginning of the twentieth century with the style of Roman architecture with the wide cool campus and reinforced concrete. The outdoor of the church has elaborate sophisticated decorations from the biggest door, windows, to the smallest details of the church.

The beautiful bell tower was decorated with many tiny towers, with four bells made in France in 1900s with the most advanced technology in that time

under the tower, you can see a water cellar to enlarge the noise of the bell. when walking in the church there will a tomb of Tran Ba Loc, who is the owner of Cai Be district under the French domination. Lots of tourists who have visited Cai Be think that Cai Be Church is the most picturesque church of the Southwest of Vietnam

Cha Diep Church – Bac Lieu

Cha Diep Church – the grave of Rev. Truong Buu Diep, is the familiar place of tourists when visiting Bac Lieu. it is Located in Hamlet 2, Tan Long commune of Gia Rai District, in Bac Lieu province, the church has another name is Tac Say church. in the past this is a small secluded church, now Tac Say church has become a large, beautiful and sacred church.

Certainly, you will be surprised at the strange, special, majestic style of the church with 3 floors: the ground floor of the church looks like a resting place, the second and third floor is the room where rituals are organized with a very large hall.

Rev. Diep’s resting place is a beautiful building with three big and unique roofs. There is a very big clock in the middle roof to create a highlight architecture for the building. Inside the building, there are lots of sophisticated carved wooden statues, featuring Catholic beliefs.

Vinh Long Church

Vinh Long Church with the description of St. Anna – Mother Mary is at 141 Ly Thai To, right in the middle of Vinh Long city.

Formerly, there was no church in Vinh Long province, undergoing ups and downs, the Vinh Long Church was built in 1967 and became a familiar place not only for locals in the city but also of the people who have chance to visit here.

Mac Bac Church – Vinh Long

Mac Bac Church is one of the most beautiful and oldest parishes in the SouthWest of Vietnam, constructed in 1886, covering an area of 2ha, with a bell tower of 36m-hight, was considered the second biggest church in the South now, just after the Notre Dame Cathedral – Saigon.

The church’s building was control by a French architect, and the building materials also came from France. With a very old, royal and harmonious architecture, the Mac Bac Church has remained stable for more than 100 years. now, it is a great place for tourists and parishioners come to worship and admire.

My Tho Cathedral

if you have a chance to visit My Tho or have a free walking tours here, you can’t miss this Cathedral. My Tho Cathedral is on Hung Vuong Avenue, this is the third church of My Tho province, which was constructed in 1906 and completed in 1910. The church is 17m wide,24m high and 53m long with the main hall and two smaller halls. The Cathedral is very eye-catching with the European-style dome large supporting columns and European-style dome.

If you get into the church, you will catch on each doorway is a very unique and sophisticated decorative pattern. The beauty of impressive Renaissance Greek architecture in Rome city appear in this church.

Nowadays, the church is more than 100 years old history, but still so remarkable with old and beauty as well as formal and solemn atmosphere.


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