5 Top Tourist Attractions in Myanmar

Myanmar is known as the land of the sacred Buddha, where there are many famous golden temples. Besides that, the people of Myanmar are simple. They live a peaceful life in peaceful land. And  Myanmar Tour is a best choice for travelers who want to find peace of mind, stay away from the noisy and crowded city.

5 Top Tourist Attractions in Myanmar

1/  Golden Rock Temple (Kyaikhtiyo Temple)

Golden Rock Temple is located at 1200 meters high and considered as a religious wonder. Wat kyaikhtiy o ( Myanmar Golden stone ) was built more than 2400 years ago with the time when the Buddha was alive. From Golden Rock Temple, you can see the rare beauty of the panoramic mountain hills in the afternoon sun when the sun is beautiful.

The temple is the symbol of the spirituality of Buddhism . It is considered one of the few natural masterpieces. The same glass burn incense in front of the pagoda and praying in front of the  Golden Stone . However,  only men can get near the stone to put the pieces of gold thin and women can only view the stone only.

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2/ Pindaya Cave

Pindaya Cave

Pindaya Cave is a church with more than 8000 Buddha images in different time periods. The Pindaya Cave attracts the most tourists compared to all other caves in Myanmar .

Many visitors will be surprised by the number of Buddha statues here. When coming here, you should try to walk slowly and gently. You need walk through the labyrinth of sacred gold statues like the monks who often come here to pray and meditate.

3/ Irriwaddy River

Irriwaddy River

Irriwaddy River is an endless source of inspiration for such great writers as Rudyard Kipling and George Orwell. Irrawaddy is one of Asia’s great rivers. And this is also a convenient route for visitors to visit Madalay City , Myanmar . Going along the river, you will see small fishing villages and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You can also immerse yourself in the life here to listen to the morning bells of the nearby monasteries, watch the buffalos, the elephants pull the wood from the forest. And if you are lucky, you can see the fish Irriwaddy pig  very rare.

4/ Ngwesaung Beach

Traveling  to Myanmar, you should visit Ngwesaung Beach. It is located in the Bay of Bengal. And it will take you just 45 minutes from Yangon so that you can enjoy the beautiful sights seeing of Ngwesaung Beach. Setting in the lush tropical jungle of the Rakhine Mountains, this beach will bring you a relaxed, tranquil and peaceful feeling!

 Myanmar has the coastline of more than 2,000 km untouched, so almost all the beaches in this country still have pristine beauty. The Myanmar beach seem like the young girl in her early twenties who’s so soft and gentle.

5/ Mrauk U

At Mrauk U, there used to have an ancient civilization which once ruled this land. It was unlike other ruins that existed during Myanmar history. But, nowadays the daily life at Mrauk U has been gradually changing. The rich collection of 700 temples and temples today is as the backdrop of the daily rural life of nearby rice farmers and goat herders.

According to legend, more than 6,000 temples were built in Mrauk U. However, the Extreme weather conditions and wars in history, the former British Rakhine was wrecked. Walking the ancient path through the hundreds of stone statues of the Buddha, you will have the feeling that this place was hidden by the grandeur of the past and the simplicity of the present!

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