3 places you can’t miss when traveling in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a beautiful country which located on the Indochina in Southeast of Asia, its official language is Khmer. Cambodia has a system of many kind of rare and special animal living in the world, in this contry, the most famous types are tigers, giant bulls and elephants.

Cambodia is a new and and attractive tourist destinations on the earth. The most attractive thing of Cambodia are Angkor Wat.

#1.Angkor Wat – Angkor Thom

Both Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat are in Siem Reap province.

 Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat destination is far about 6 km in circumference and it is a destination of about 2 square km, the highest part is the main temple’s top tower, with a height of 65 m. Designed with the entrance located in the west, Angkor Wat take people entering the temple a sense of inhibition with a picture of a massive temple outstanding in the sunshine.

In addition to that sense, Angkor Wat is also impressive with the Apsara reliefs on most height walls or in floral and animal motifs which very carefully step by step on the wall. Book a  Hanoi Free walking tours

Angkor Thom was constructed at the end of the twelfth century by VII King who has the name is Jayavarman. The whole citadel has an area of about 9 km. Angkor Thom is constructed in the Bayon style reflected in the scale, the main element of laterite, people’s face and a picture of Naga in per tower. Besides the sence of splendid, the architecture of Angkor Thom also brings traveler with a sense which is more light and comfortable than Angkor Wat.

#2. Royal Palace of Cambodia

 And Silver Pagoda

It seems that you must travel a lot between this two tourist destination, but actually, Gold Pagoda-  Silver Pagoda Temple is inside Cambodia Royal Palace, in Phnom Penh. Cambodia Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is beautiful and it’s a maze which was built from 100 years ago to serve the accommodation, living off the monarchs and the family of him and the foreign visitors. It was also the place of the king, royal ceremonies, and the diplomatic etiquette.

 Royal Palace of Cambodia

visiting Cambodia Royal Palace, you will have a chance to witness the place where the King saw the officials in the court, the place where the solemn events are organized or the room where the King read books… moreover, if the flag which has dark and blue color is pulled down, you can observe the whereabouts of the contemporary king.

Leaving the palace and turn right, you will see  Silver Pagoda. Where many people who have mistaken belief the name of the Gold Pagoda- Silver Pagoda implies two different temples, Reality, just only one. At Silver Pagoda, you will put your foot on silver pieces weighing more than 1kg lined as admire a series of giant statues created from the jewel or a tile, see diamond of great size or a wealth of gems studded on statues and objects.

#3.Tonle Sap Lake

Cambodia’s Tonle Sap lake is one of the largest lakes in Southeast of Asia, which has a great influence on this Cambodia. Some tourist companies do not offer a tour to the Lake on the list of destinations. However, if you visit Cambodia but forgetting to visit the this Lake, you will lose one-third the meaning of the trip.

Tonle Sap Lake

There are 3 things you’ll remember forever in your mind when visiting Tonle Sap Lake, the first one is the vast of water, the second one is delicious shrimp dish, and the last one is the way of living, farming on the boats of Vietnamese people who is staying here.

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